Schedule & Results, Frank Dymock Classic 2017/18, 2017-2018 (Wallaceburg Minor Hockey Association )

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, February 16, 2018
ATOM-RRARR-A0112:00 PMWMA Dorchester Dragons LL17-2Sarnia Sabers Red
ATOM-RRBRR-A0212:00 PMWISC Wallaceburg Lakers TC10-8Aylmer Flames Black
NOVICE-RRBRR-N011:00 PMWMA Wallaceburg Lakers TC11-7Langton Leafs LL1
NOVICE-RRARR-N021:00 PMWISC Wallaceburg Lakers TC21-6KMHA Penguins HL6
NOVICE-RRBRR-N032:00 PMWMA KMHA Leafs HL57-0Pelham Panthers LL2
NOVICE-RRARR-N042:00 PMWISC Glanbrook Rangers 5 Red1-2Oakville Kings NOR4
PEEWEE-RRARR-P013:00 PMWMA Wallaceburg Lakers TC13-3Aylmer Flames Black
PEEWEE-RRBRR-P023:00 PMWISC Kent Cobras Blue 111-2London Bandits A6
ATOM-RRBRR-A034:00 PMWMA Wallaceburg Lakers TC12-5Dresden Jr. Kings Maroon
ATOM-RRARR-A044:00 PMWISC Waterford Wildcats LL15-3Dorchester Dragons LL1
ATOM-RRBRR-A055:00 PMWMA Aylmer Flames Black4-3North London Nationals A4
ATOM-RRARR-A065:00 PMWISC Caledonia Sharks LL24-5Sarnia Sabers Red
NOVICE-RRARR-N056:00 PMWMA KMHA Penguins HL60-5Oakville Kings NOR4
NOVICE-RRBRR-N066:00 PMWISC Wallaceburg Lakers TC11-1KMHA Leafs HL5
NOVICE-RRARR-N077:00 PMWMA Wallaceburg Lakers TC27-4Glanbrook Rangers 5 Red
NOVICE-RRBRR-N087:00 PMWISC Pelham Panthers LL20-12Langton Leafs LL1
PEEWEE-RRARR-P038:00 PMWMA Belmont Rangers LL16-6Oakridge Aeros 25
PEEWEE-RRBRR-P048:00 PMWISC Port Colborne Sailors LL13-5Dorchester Dragons LL3
BANTAM-RRARR-B019:00 PMWMA Mooretown Jr. Flags LL12-3Sarnia Sabers Blue
BANTAM-RRBRR-B029:00 PMWISC Wallaceburg Lakers TC23-2KMHA Canadiens HL2
BANTAM-RRARR-B0310:00 PMWMA Wallaceburg Lakers TC16-0Lambeth Lancers LL1
BANTAM-RRBRR-B0410:00 PMWISC Mitchell Meteors LL18-1North London Nationals B8
Saturday, February 17, 2018
ATOM-RRARR-A078:00 AMWMA Waterford Wildcats LL16-1Caledonia Sharks LL2
ATOM-RRBRR-A088:00 AMWISC Dresden Jr. Kings Maroon1-4North London Nationals A4
PEEWEE-RRBRR-P059:00 AMWMA Port Colborne Sailors LL11-5Kent Cobras Blue 11
PEEWEE-RRARR-P069:00 AMWISC Wallaceburg Lakers TC11-4Belmont Rangers LL1
PEEWEE-RRBRR-P0710:00 AMWMA Dorchester Dragons LL31-4London Bandits A6
PEEWEE-RRARR-P0810:00 AMWISC Aylmer Flames Black1-4Oakridge Aeros 25
NOVICE-RRARR-N0911:00 AMWMA Oakville Kings NOR49-0Wallaceburg Lakers TC2
NOVICE-RRBRR-N1011:00 AMWISC Langton Leafs LL18-3KMHA Leafs HL5
ATOM-RRARR-A0912:00 PMWMA Dorchester Dragons LL17-2Caledonia Sharks LL2
ATOM-RRBRR-A1012:00 PMWISC North London Nationals A417-1Wallaceburg Lakers TC1
NOVICE-RRARR-N111:00 PMWMA KMHA Penguins HL63-0Glanbrook Rangers 5 Red
NOVICE-RRBRR-N121:00 PMWISC Pelham Panthers LL21-2Wallaceburg Lakers TC1
ATOM-RRARR-A112:00 PMWMA Sarnia Sabers Red1-12Waterford Wildcats LL1
ATOM-RRBRR-A122:00 PMWISC Dresden Jr. Kings Maroon1-4Aylmer Flames Black
BANTAM-RRBRR-B053:00 PMWMA Wallaceburg Lakers TC22-1Mitchell Meteors LL1
BANTAM-RRARR-B063:00 PMWISC Wallaceburg Lakers TC13-3Mooretown Jr. Flags LL1
BANTAM-RRBRR-B074:00 PMWMA KMHA Canadiens HL25-4North London Nationals B8
BANTAM-RRARR-B084:00 PMWISC Lambeth Lancers LL13-2Sarnia Sabers Blue
PEEWEE-RRARR-P095:00 PMWMA Belmont Rangers LL16-1Aylmer Flames Black
PEEWEE-RRBRR-P105:00 PMWISC London Bandits A66-0Port Colborne Sailors LL1
PEEWEE-RRARR-P116:00 PMWMA Oakridge Aeros 254-2Wallaceburg Lakers TC1
PEEWEE-RRBRR-P126:00 PMWISC Kent Cobras Blue 113-1Dorchester Dragons LL3
NOVICE-CHQTR-N017:00 PMWMA Wallaceburg Lakers TC11-4KMHA Penguins HL6
NOVICE-CHQTR-N027:00 PMWISC Wallaceburg Lakers TC21-2KMHA Leafs HL5
ATOM-CHQTR-A018:00 PMWMA Dresden Jr. Kings Maroon1-6Dorchester Dragons LL1
ATOM-CHQTR-A028:00 PMWISC Sarnia Sabers Red0-7North London Nationals A4
BANTAM-RRARR-B099:00 PMWMA Mooretown Jr. Flags LL15-0Lambeth Lancers LL1
BANTAM-RRBRR-B109:00 PMWISC North London Nationals B80-8Wallaceburg Lakers TC2
BANTAM-RRARR-B1110:00 PMWMA Sarnia Sabers Blue0-4Wallaceburg Lakers TC1
BANTAM-RRBRR-B1210:00 PMWISC Mitchell Meteors LL11-3KMHA Canadiens HL2
Sunday, February 18, 2018
PEEWEE-CHQTR-P018:00 AMWMA Dorchester Dragons LL31-3Oakridge Aeros 25
PEEWEE-CHQTR-P028:00 AMWISC Wallaceburg Lakers TC12-4Kent Cobras Blue 11
BANTAM-CHQTR-B019:00 AMWMA Mitchell Meteors LL13-2Mooretown Jr. Flags LL1
BANTAM-CHQTR-B029:00 AMWISC Lambeth Lancers LL11-0KMHA Canadiens HL2
NOVICE-CHSEMI-N0110:00 AMWMA KMHA Leafs HL52-7Oakville Kings NOR4
NOVICE-CHSEMI-N0210:00 AMWISC KMHA Penguins HL61-9Langton Leafs LL1
ATOM-CHSEMI-A0111:00 AMWMA Dorchester Dragons LL12-5Waterford Wildcats LL1
ATOM-CHSEMI-A0211:00 AMWISC North London Nationals A44-3Aylmer Flames Black
PEEWEE-CHSEMI-P0112:00 PMWMA Kent Cobras Blue 112-3London Bandits A6
PEEWEE-CHSEMI-P0212:00 PMWISC Oakridge Aeros 255-0Belmont Rangers LL1
BANTAM-CHSEMI-B011:00 PMWMA Mitchell Meteors LL14-1Wallaceburg Lakers TC1
BANTAM-CHSEMI-B021:00 PMWISC Lambeth Lancers LL10-6Wallaceburg Lakers TC2
NOVICE-CHFINAL - N2:00 PMWMA Langton Leafs LL15-0Oakville Kings NOR4
ATOM-CHFINAL - A3:00 PMWMA North London Nationals A46-7Waterford Wildcats LL1
PEEWEE-CHFINAL - P4:00 PMWMA Oakridge Aeros 253-4London Bandits A6
BANTAM-CHFINAL - B5:00 PMWMA Mitchell Meteors LL12-1Wallaceburg Lakers TC2
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