Mark Weese Memorial Jamboree, 2023-2024 (Wallaceburg Minor Hockey Association )

This Tournament is part of the 2023-2024 season, which is not set as the current season.
No upcoming games scheduled.


2024 Mark Weese Memorial Jamboree Rules

This is an OMHA Sanctioned Event. Sanction #11970


  1. Coaches/Managers must submit their Approved Team Roster and Approved Travel Permit to the Jamboree Director prior to the start of the tournament.

  2. SIGN-IN – Coaches/Managers must report to the Jamboree Registration Table (located upstairs in the mezzanine) prior to their team’s first game to check-in. 

  3. All teams will play 6 x 24 minute games. Two games will be played back to back within the hour.

  4. U8 Teams will play 3 games (2 x 24 minute periods). No switching of sides.

  5. Games will be Half Ice.

  6. All teams will play with a blue 4oz puck.

  7. Games will consist of a format of 4-on-4 with a dedicated goalie (goalie equipment required).

  8. All games will start at the same time so one clock will be used to manage the length of the game.

  9. Game lengths will be running time with a buzzer signaling every 2 minutes for line changes. 

  10.  U8 Games will be 90 second shifts.

  11. Face-offs are used at the start of each game.

  12. Teams will be given a minute on ice warm-up prior to starting the game.

  13. U8 Teams will be provided with 5 minutes to warm up to account for not having to switch sides.

  14. No stoppage of play after a goal, the scoring team must retreat to the vicinity of their net and cannot pressure until the attacking team breaks out.

  15. There will be no icing or off-side rules.

  16. There will be no score kept.

  17. Referees will not be provided for the U6 and U7 Divisions.

  18. Each team must supply 1 On-Ice Coach for each game, who will act as a Referee and assist players as necessary. Each team must have a minimum of 1 Bench Coach for their team at each game. Any coaching staff/trainers who are on-ice with their players are required to wear a helmet.

  19. There will be NO Penalties, however if a player is being unruly he/she may be asked to leave the ice for a shift.

  20. Coaches/Managers and players only in and around bench areas; please ask parents to watch the games from the large viewing area and not from the bench area.

  21. All teams should be at the rink 30 minutes before game time. Teams will be expected to take the ice as soon as the resurfacing/game prior to theirs is completed, even if ahead of schedule.

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