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Feb 08, 2023 | Mike Moniz | 433 views
Wallaceburg Nomination for Kraft Hockeyville
Help make Wallaceburg Kraft Hockeyville by submitting your story and helping us RALLY!

Submit your nomination story on our unique page


For each story
1. Share our community's spirit as well as its passion for hockey. Describe or explain examples of how this came to life.

2. Tell Kraft about Wallaceburg Memorial Arena and why it's important to you, your family, and our community.

3. Explain how the community will use the $250,000 to upgrade and improve your arena.
(In discussions with the Municipality of Chatham Kent funds would be used for a new score clock, accessibility upgrades, and upgrades to boards/glass, seating, heaters) 

Make it YOUR story tell people why Wallaceburg Memorial Arena embodies the spirit of hockey, give real examples of how our community shows passion for hockey, describe why the arena is important and how upgrades would improve it. Most importantly write it from the heart as if it’s the one nomination for Wallaceburg we have!

After nominating start RALLYING!

80% of the judging is from your story…20% of our community's total score is in the Rally, so every point counts! The more users rallying for Wallaceburg, the better.

·         Add a story (get 10 rally points for each approved story) Limit 1 per user per arena.

·         Add photos (get 3 rally points for each approved upload) Limit 5 per user per arena.

·         React to a photo or story (get 1 rally point for each reaction) Limit 15 per user per arena.

·         Share via Twitter (get 5 rally points for each share) Limit 1 per user per arena.

·         Add a note (get 1 rally point for each approved note) Limit 1 per user per arena.




Think about what your story is really about. Ask yourself: 
"Why am I telling this story?" 

Understanding the "why" behind your story and how it relates to the "who," "what," "where," and "when" will help you craft a meaningful story about your community. 

Make it easy for readers to relate to your community. Let your words paint a picture of your community. Create vivid imagery by incorporating language that appeals to the five senses: touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell. 

Bring us into your world. Provide explanations for any acronyms and language references you use that are specific to your community.

If submitting a video: 
Your video should not exceed 2 minutes and must answer all of the three (3) questions below:

1.       Tell us about your community's spirit as well as its passion for hockey. Can you describe or explain examples of how this came to life?

2.       Tell us about your arena. Why is it important to you, your family, and your community?

3.       Explain how your community will use the $250,000 to upgrade and improve your arena.



Photos and notes on your Community Rally Page are definitely welcome, but nomination stories are the most important piece of this competition! We want to hear from you, in your own words, why your Arena is important to your community and why it deserves to win the Grand Prize. 

Keep in mind, nomination stories individually count for 80% of your arena or community’s total score.


During the Judging Phase, all story submissions will be judged by a panel of representatives from the Sponsor, NHL, and NHLPA. The criteria the story is judged on is as follows:

1.       Depiction of the nominated community's spirit and passion for hockey (50%)

2.       Description of the Arena's importance to you, your family and your community (25%)

3.       Description of how the prize money would be used (25%)

The Story Submission score will count for 80% of the overall score, and the Rally Score is worth the remaining 20%. The four (4) Arenas (a minimum of 1 per division) with the highest overall scores will be deemed the finalists! 

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